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Fairness to the rescue (again)

The latest case on fairness and the Secretary of State’s duty within the Points-Based System was published earlier last month.  Naved (Student – fairness – notice of points) [2012] UKUT 14(IAC) concerned a student applying for further leave to ...

15th February 2012 By

Good news for old work permit holders

A new decision from the President of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the Upper Tribunal offers relief to work permit holders caught out by a sneaky change to the Immigration Rules in April last year. This topic has been covered here on the blog ...

8th February 2012 By

New case law on meaning of genuine and subsisting marriage

Several important new cases have just emerged on the subject of marriage and the immigration rules for spouses. They all deal with the evidence and burden of proof in such cases. The President of the Upper Tribunal’s Immigration and Asylum Chamb ...

7th February 2012 By

Yet more Tribunal decisions

After what felt like something of a hiatus early in the year, the tribunal has been churning out new reported cases in recent months as if there was no tomorrow. As far as I know no-one has suggested scrapping the Immigration and Asylum Chamber YET, a ...

4th October 2011 By

New tribunal rules and procedure

I’ve been working on new training notes and having fun (noooooo!) deleting all of the references to the unlamented Asylum and Immigration Tribunal for the next edition of the HJT Immigration Manual. I thought I would share some of the fruits of ...

17th February 2010 By

End of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal

Few will lament its passing, announced today by still Immigration Minister Phil Woolas. The news is far from unexpected, but the details are interesting. The plan is for the new system to be implemented by early 2010. A full consultation response has ...

8th May 2009 By

So long AIT and thanks for…?

It very much looks like the AIT is about to be scrapped and merged into the new unified Tribunals Service. This is something I posted on way back in September and it now looks very likely to happen. The new system applies to all tribunal work except i ...

18th March 2009 By

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