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Comment: universities, schools and colleges urgently need international student guidance

On 19 May 2020, a number of media outlets reported that there will be no face-to-face lectures at Cambridge University until summer 2021. The university issued a statement the next day in which it said there had been “partial reporting of only o ...

21st May 2020 By

Plague of incorrect Biometric Residence Permits causes havoc across education sector

September and October are important and busy enrolment periods for Tier 4 student visa sponsors. Immigration compliance teams had enough to contend with this academic year with the introduction of passport eGates, which means having to find evidence o ...

16th October 2019 By

Attracting “the brightest and the best”: the UK’s record on visas for academics and researchers

This autumn will see a decided shift in immigration policy toward being more welcoming to non-EU academics, scientists and researchers; a group commonly defined by the somewhat worn-out phrase, “the brightest and the best”, first coined by David C ...

26th July 2019 By

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