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Channel Tunnel Man: Refugees should not be prosecuted for irregular entry

In the absence of legal means by which to enter countries of sanctuary, refugees resort to the use of irregular means of entry. Some will falsely apply for and obtain a visit or student visa and then apply for asylum once within the UK. Others will u ...

11th August 2015 By

Wrongful convictions of refugees overturned

Refugees fleeing persecution in their home country cannot afford to be scrupulous about the means by which they reach sanctuary in another country. This truism was recognised by the drafters of the Refugee Convention: Article 31 affords refugees prote ...

5th August 2013 By

Convictions of trafficking victims quashed, new guidance given

Finally, there has been a breakthrough in cases where victims of trafficking find themselves prosecuted and convicted here in the UK for engaging in the very activity into which the victim was forced. It may seem strange that it is the victims of traf ...

24th June 2013 By

Miscarriage of Justice: Wrongly Convicted Asylum Seekers and Trafficked Persons

Recently the Law Society Gazette ran an article by Yewa Holiday, a barrister and a case review manager at the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), which highlighted the plight of asylum seekers and refugees wrongly convicted after being advised t ...

9th August 2012 By

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