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The power of connection

The power of connection

Update: The Daily Record has carried a story about the whole affair.

Update 2: And it’s on Buzzfeed now as well.

Busy creating some of the new online courses for the new training project, I was looking for something on the unnavigable gov.uk website and came across the Home Office announcement of their appeal against the High Court judgment in MM. Unimpressed by the tasteless choice of accompanying image, I fired off a Tweet:

Astonishingly, I received this reply from one of my followers the next day:

I’ll let the Tweets do the talking from here:

The photo in the original credited the photographer with copyright. The version on the Home Office website did not. The photographer then left a comment on my blog post, as did one of the other mothers of the children. Next thing, the Home a Office changed the picture, then later took down the whole page.

So, following an idle tweet about poor image choice on the Home Office website, it turns out that one of the children was the daughter of one of my followers and the Home Office had lifted the photo without consent and in breach of copyright.

What were the chances of that happening?

Poor image choice seems to be a bit of a Thing on the immigration pages of gov.uk:

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