Training FAQs

What are my CPD requirements?

See this page on CPD requirements, with links to the relevant pages for the different regulators.

How do I log in?

You can log in from the top menu bar or from the footer as shown in the screenshots below:

How do I access courses once logged in?

Available courses can be seen on Members’ Home Page and on the courses page as show in the screenshots below. Each course has modules and course units within it. Most courses have several modules with each module including several course units. From the Members’ Home Page you can click on a course and access individual units directly as shown below.

How does the Free Movement training work?

A quiz of true/false or multiple choice questions is provided in the least course unit and a 70% pass mark is needed to pass the quiz. Quizzes can be re-sat if necessary.

Final quiz screenshot
The pass mark for all quizzes is 70% and all quizzes can be retaken if necessary.


The course will not be marked as fully completed (and the CPD points therefore not awarded) until you mark all the course units as completed using the green button at the bottom of each course unit and the relevant quiz has been successfully completed.

Course unit completed button screenshot
After reading each course unit you need to click the “mark as completed” button.

A certificate of completion can be downloaded once a course is fully completed. The final course unit (sometimes a feedback form) will show the option to download the certificate once the course is fully completed.

Certificate download screenshot
The certificate download button will appear in all the course units once you have completed the course.

The Learning Management System software keeps track of each person’s progress and which courses, if any, they have completed, and this information must be produced to the relevant regulator on demand.

Who has produced the training material on Free Movement?

The training materials have been written by Colin Yeo and HJT Training. Feedback is very welcome.

How can I tell what course units I have and have not completed within a particular course?

Navigate to the course in question from the courses page and you will see from the sidebar that completed course units are shown shaded in green.

Uncompleted course units screenshot
The marked course units have not been completed yet

How can I give feedback?

The feedback form can be found here and also exists in the sidebar for all training courses for easy access. We are genuinely interested in feedback both positive and negative so please do get in touch. If you’d like to contact Colin directly please just email him.

Are refunds available?

Refunds will be considered depending on reasons and circumstances but if you have already fully completed more than one full course a refund is unlikely.