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barristers on strike outside court

What is a radical lawyer? What I mean by it are those lawyers whose actions and attitudes were largely motivated by a political ideology – socialism and further left; or at least angry lawyers dedicated to fundamental changes to the law, its institutions and the legal system. They were fearless in putting their often unpopular views across, and it was their badge of honour to be criticised intemperately by others in the legal system. I frequently used to hear vile, unprintable, almost hysterical remarks made about leftie lawyers; I have seen judges in court barely able to speak civilly to the likes of Michael Mansfield, such was their hatred of him and the threat they thought he represented to the good order of the law. It often took a lot of courage for radical lawyers to speak up on behalf of their clients, not least because their own professional bodies were equally suspicious of them, ready to pounce on and punish any minor lapse of professional conduct… Continue Reading…


Actress and justice campaigner Joanna Lumley has joined her voice to the rising chorus of concern about the catastrophic changes to Legal Aid. She adds her name, forever associated with the legally aided fight for the rights of Gurkhas (not to mention Ab Fab, James Bond and the New Avengers), to the excellent Justice Alliance’s new petition which has had thousands of signatures in only a few hours. Continue Reading…

Richmond Mags dedicated immigration hearing centre from April

There are three courts at Richmond Mags being used for immigration hearings now but all five will apparently be used for immigration hearings from April. Meanwhile, the family court at Richmond is apparently moving to Hatton Cross, which has been seriously underused for immigration cases in recent months despite the growing waiting times for immigration appeals.

UPDATE: experience so far suggests that car users will be attempting to push their way to the front of the Richmond lists because parking here is not free. Be warned, anyone does that to me and I will make them *eat* their car keys.

court of appeal

[UPDATED] In his final judgment in the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Judge has given some interesting guidance given on the role of the advocate in a contentious trial. The case is R v Farooqi & Ors [2013] EWCA Crim 1649 and the judgment is that of the court.

640px-Royal_courts_of_justiceThe advocate whose conduct generated the appeal is named but declined to respond to the allegations. His version of events is absent from the judgment.

The guidance on the role of the advocate is so important that rather than linking I think it is worth reproducing parts in full: Continue Reading…

Colin Yeo

Up late last night on urgent well paid business immigration opinion. In court this morning on not-so-well-paid family immigration case. In court this afternoon pro bono for intervention on behalf of a charity. Off to solicitor firm party in Tottenham tonight. All good, but looking forward to the weekend!


Professor Stephen Meili of the University of Minnesota Law School has written a very interesting article entitled U.K. Refugee Lawyers: Pushing the Boundaries of Domestic Court Acceptance of International Human Rights Law for the Boston College Law Review 54 B.C.L. Rev. 1123 (2013). It is fascinating for we UK refugee lawyers to get an external perspective on our work. Continue Reading…


It is finally almost upon us: the transfer of judicial review claims from the High Court to the Upper Tribunal will take place on 1 November 2013. In addition, applications for permission lodged after 9 September 2013, including those where permission has been refused on the papers and oral renewal is pending, will also be transferred. Continue Reading…