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Albanian/Kosovar deprived of British citizenship by Presenting Officer

In an unusually dramatic move, the Presenting Officer in the recent case of KB (para: 320(7A): “false representations”) Albania [2009] UKAIT 00043 served a section 40 notice on a witness in the case, thereby depriving him of his British ci ...

15th October 2009 By

Iraqi removals flight

News just in: Mr Justice Davis sitting in the High Court has ordered the Home Office to disclose ‘details of the route and destination’ of a proposed removals flight to Iraq. Rumours about this charter flight have been flying and the Home ...

14th October 2009 By

Further submissions in asylum cases

It appears that UKBA have genuinely gone nuts. From tomorrow, 14 October 2009, they are requiring that any further submissions in an asylum case must be made in person by appointment. At the same time UKBA is now requiring that all initial claims for ...

13th October 2009 By

Fresh claims for asylum

I thought it was high time for a general advice post, as it’s been a while since the last one. This one is about fresh claims for asylum. A failed asylum seeker can apply for asylum again; this is referred to as a ‘fresh claim’. By & ...

20th May 2009 By

The Truth

I’ve come across some interesting articles on ‘credibility’ through the Forced Migration Current Awareness Blog. This is an excellent blog which records various publications on all sorts of interesting subjects and effectively catalo ...

24th March 2009 By

Sudanese test case

It has taken me a while to get around to posting on the House of Lords judgment in the Sudanese test case, SSHD v AH (Sudan) [2007] UKHL 49. This might be at least partly explained by my not wanting to have to post on it, as if this act of omission wo ...

29th November 2007 By

Evolution of the New Asylum Model

A little too reminiscent of Cromwell’s New Model Army, perhaps, the New Asylum Model is supposed to herald a new age of high quality Home Office asylum decision making. The Home Office already seem to have stopped referring to it as being New ...

8th May 2007 By

Another judicial going over for the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal

I’m still catching up on a few developments while I was away over Easter, and have just read the Court of Appeal case of AH (Sudan) and Others v SSHD [2007] EWCA Civ 297, which came out on 4 April 2007. This is yet another Country Guideline case ...

12th April 2007 By

Definitive Zimbabwe case overturned again

The Court of Appeal has yet again overturned the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal’s attempt definitively to establish whether a failed asylum seeker is at risk of ill-treatment by the Zimbabwe secret service at Harare airport following a forced ...

8th March 2007 By

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