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Permanent residence saves Polish man with two drug dealing offences from deportation

It is one thing when the state seeks to withdraw a permission or privilege. It is a very different matter when it seeks to interfere with an individual’s rights. Privileges are precarious. In the absence of good reason to the contrary, rights should ...

14th September 2018 By

Latest immigration stats: Home Office now loses most appeals

This is a collection of statistics on the UK immigration system. The Office for National Statistics, Home Office and Courts & Tribunals Service publish regular quarterly data on the number of migrants coming to the UK, how immigration applications ...

13th September 2018 By

Comment: Ireland’s immigration amnesty shows British campaigners the way

On 4 September the Republic of Ireland announced plans for a new “regularisation scheme” to allow certain undocumented migrants to remain in the country legally. The amnesty will be open to anyone who came to Ireland as an international student b ...

12th September 2018 By

Migration Advisory Committee recommends “tweaks” to Tier 4 student visa rules

Immigration lawyers helping sponsoring universities navigate the complexities of the Points Based System naturally have an economic interest in overseas students — but then so does the rest of the nation. That is the uncompromising conclusion of ...

11th September 2018 By

July 2018 immigration update podcast

Welcome to the July 2018 edition of the Free Movement immigration update podcast. This month I start by discussing some developments in nationality law, then cover the EU Settlement Scheme that is starting to take shape and currently being piloted. Wh ...

11th September 2018 By

How to gather evidence in support of a non-EU deportation appeal

In this post, we consider the type of evidence and information which should be gathered to support the appeal of a non-EEA national who has been made subject to an order for deportation. It is adapted from our full online training course on deportatio ...

10th September 2018 By

Brexit no deal: immigration and the status of EU and UK citizens

If negotiations on an orderly withdrawal from the European Union break down completely, the UK risks a “chaotic Brexit” on 29 March 2019, with no overall withdrawal agreement in place nor any smaller deals to mitigate the shock of a no dea ...

7th September 2018 By

How can the Home Office tear up the British passport of a six-year-old boy born in Leeds?

The Independent and the Telegraph are reporting on the upsetting case of a little boy, born in Leeds, who is being denied re-entry to the UK because the Home Office has revoked his British passport. Mohamed Bangoura, aged six, was staying with relat ...

6th September 2018 By

Fellow church-goers can give “expert evidence” on an asylum seeker’s conversion to Christianity

TF and MA v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2018] CSIH 58 is a recent Court of Session (Inner House) decision which addresses two key themes within the immigration and asylum sphere. Firstly, the extent to which adverse credibility finding ...

6th September 2018 By

Job ad: legal officer, UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group

  FULL- OR PART-TIME LEGAL OFFICER We have an exciting opportunity to advance the rights of LGBTQI+ asylum seekers and refugees! We are recruiting a legal officer to help improve the representation of LGBTQI+ asylum seekers and create change with ...

5th September 2018 By

Yemen-born Somalis in High Court fight for British Overseas Citizenship

Despite our remarks in previous blogs about the useless nature of British Overseas Citizen status, a series of judgments handed down by the High Court this summer demonstrate that this unusual version of British nationality is sufficiently valuable to ...

5th September 2018 By

Briefing: Parliament never intended for children to be charged sky-high fees to register as citizens

The British Nationality Act 1981, which took effect on 1 January 1983, introduced British citizenship into UK nationality law. In doing so, it removed the principle of jus soli – the principle by which citizenship is acquired by being born on the te ...

4th September 2018 By
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