Changes to asylum process and procedure

Refugee child drawing

The circumstances in which an asylum claim may be treated as abandoned by an applicant have been extended with effect from 27 February 2015. Statement of Changes HC 1025 has inserted new wording into paragraph 333C of the Immigration Rules so that it provides: An application may be treated as impliedly withdrawn if an applicant leaves the United Kingdom without authorisation at any time prior to the conclusion of his or her asylum claim, or fails to complete an asylum questionnaire as … Read More >>

Operation Nexus for dummies: happening now, in our time

Image credit: Financial Times

Two men are suspected of robbing a bank. Let’s call them Ken, a British national, and Boris, a non-British national. Boris arrived in the UK from somewhere in the Caucasus when he was 3, about 27 years ago. He holds Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK but, being a bit scatty, never applied for … Read More >>