LGBT asylum seekers: a toxic mix of homophobia, misogyny and ignorance corrupts the asylum system

Apata, Tatchell, Dillane

The treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans asylum seekers has been notoriously poor for many years. In 2010, my organisation, the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group, exposed that 98-99% of gay and lesbian asylum seekers had been refused asylum and told to go back, often to violently homophobic countries like Iran and Uganda, and be ‘discreet’. Unknown numbers were forcibly removed from the UK and effectively consigned to a life ‘in the closet’. That approach ended following the Supreme … Read More >>

Free Movement eighth anniversary


It has been eight years since I first set up and began writing Free Movement. As usual, I only realised that the anniversary had passed some time after the event: the first Free Movement blog post was on 7 March 2007. I hope you will forgive me a moment of introspection. But first, as an anniversary … Read More >>

Upper Tribunal on meaning of very compelling circumstances


The latest from the Upper Tribunal on the statutory presumptions on human rights cases introduced by the Immigration Act 2014 is the case of Chege (section 117D : Article 8 : approach : Kenya) [2015] UKUT 165 (IAC). The determination seems very deeply flawed indeed because that it is based on the … Read More >>