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Vulnerable adults in the immigration tribunal

In SB (vulnerable adult: credibility) Ghana [2019] UKUT 398 (IAC) the Upper Tribunal has provided a steer on how immigration judges should approach evidence given by vulnerable adults, in addition to that provided in the Joint Presidential Guidance No ...

9th January 2020 By

Ian Macdonald QC: A personal reminiscence by Sir Nicholas Blake

Recent accounts of Ian’s life have brought more detail of his early years and his robust defence tactics at trial such as those of the Mangrove defendants. Whilst those paying tribute have acknowledged him as the father of British immigration law, ...

9th January 2020 By

New country guidance on Iraq

On 20 December 2019, the Upper Tribunal issued a new country guidance case on Iraq. This new case, SMO, KSP & IM (Article 15(c); identity documents) Iraq CG [2019] UKUT 400 (IAC), replaces all existing country guidance, including AA (Article 15(c) ...

8th January 2020 By

“Nothing inherently wrong” with healthcare system for vulnerable detainees in prison

The High Court has refused to extend key safeguards under the Adults at Risk policy to immigration detainees held in prisons. In MR (Pakistan) & Anor v Secretary of State for Justice & Ors [2019] EWHC 3567 (Admin), Mr Justice Supperstone decid ...

8th January 2020 By

Schrödinger’s appeal

Can an appeal be both finally determined and pending at the same time? This conundrum, akin to Erwin Schrödinger’s famous thought experiment involving a cat in a box with a lethal substance, was tackled by the Upper Tribunal in Niaz (NIAA 2002 s. 1 ...

7th January 2020 By

5 Brexit New Year’s resolutions for employers

By today, most businesses around the country will have reopened following the festive break. With energy levels topped up and a whole new year to embrace, if the business — large or small — hasn’t already done so, now is the time to ...

6th January 2020 By

Duty to court means citing authorities against you, immigration lawyers told

The Upper Tribunal clearly has a tough time getting into the holiday spirit. Ejiogu (Cart cases) [2019] UKUT 395 (IAC), reported just before Christmas, is the equivalent of a judicial smack on the hand. It is another reminder of the importance of wha ...

6th January 2020 By

Decline and fall of the Points Based System

The UK needs a world class migration system to attract the brightest and the best from across the world… That is why I am so pleased today to be able to publish this points-based system for the UK. – Home Secretary Charles Clarke, March 20 ...

3rd January 2020 By

Free Movement review of the year 2019

Welcome to my review of the immigration law events and themes of 2019. I have written one of these reviews every year since 2013. It is a chance to stand aside from the rush of updates and news, try to reflect on what has really happened during the ye ...

2nd January 2020 By

No absolute confidentiality for asylum information in family cases

The impact of disclosing information from family proceedings in immigration matters has been in the news of late but the reverse situation rarely arises. One such is the recent case of R v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Disclosure of Asyl ...

30th December 2019 By

What is so special about being a British citizen, legally?

You would be forgiven for thinking there are some special rights or privileges attached to being a British citizen. Politicians are fond of telling us how great it is to be British and how it is a privilege not a right. Our government charges foreign ...

27th December 2019 By

Burden of proof on internal relocation still on appellant says Upper Tribunal

The Upper Tribunal has confirmed that it is for asylum seekers to disprove the possibility of safe and reasonable internal relocation if the Home Office identifies a potential safe haven. In MB (Internal relocation – burden of proof) Albania [2019] ...

23rd December 2019 By
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