Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules HC 297


Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules HC 297 was published today, 13 July 2015, having been trailed in The Daily Mail over the weekend. It includes some significant changes, particularly for international students. I'm technically on holiday, so I've elected to do some heavy cutting and pasting from the ministerial announcement by James Broken-shire and the Explanatory Notes to the Statement of Changes itself (found at the end of the document). I've started with Tier 4 first as these are … Read More >>

When is Article 8 private and family life engaged?


The question of when family and private life exists in a legal sense is an increasingly important one in immigration law as it effectively determines whether a person has a right of appeal against refusal on an immigration application. The Court of Appeal addresses this issue in the case of Singh v … Read More >>

Extending time limits for late appeals

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The Upper Tribunal returns to the issue of extending time for late appeals in the case of RK (Allowed appeals – service on respondent) Albania [2015] UKUT 331 (IAC). The special pleading by the Home Office on this occasion is around the "agreement" between the entirely independent tribunal and a … Read More >>

Detained fast track asylum process suspended

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In May 2000 I began work at the Oakington "Reception" Centre near Cambridge for the Immigration Advisory Service, a charity offering legal advice and assistance to detained asylum seekers. And what a reception we offered. It was my first proper job and, other than a demonstration outside … Read More >>