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Self-sufficiency, health insurance and welfare benefits: the case of AMS

In a decision of 19 September 2017, Upper Tribunal Judge Ward dismissed a Dutch widow’s appeal against the refusal of her claim for state pension credit on the basis that she had no right to reside in the UK. Although a disappointing result for ...

17th October 2017 By Nath Gbikpi

Why is the Home Office separating a British man from his wife when she is still breastfeeding their daughter?

This week the story of Dan Newton and his family has hit the newspapers. This post explains why the Home Office has acted as it has. It is not a mistake. Since harsh new rules were introduced in 2012, UK immigration policy does not usually allow Briti ...

16th October 2017 By Colin Yeo

In case you missed it: the week in immigration news

Free Movement’s pick of the past week’s media reporting on immigration and asylum. The fallout from now-notorious Home Office deportation letters, sent in error to EU citizens over the summer, continued last week as the government agreed t ...

16th October 2017 By Conor James McKinney

How we overturned Sala in the Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal (Etherton MR, Longmore LJ, Irwin LJ) heard the appeal against the findings in Sala yesterday. Those findings, briefly, are that by virtue of the discretion available to a decision-maker under regulation 17 of the Immigration (EEA) ...

13th October 2017 By Rajiv Sharma

ILPA annual free movement seminar: report

What can immigration lawyers do when immigration law is uncertain? This was not, admittedly, the advertised theme of the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association annual seminar on free movement, which took place on 4 October. But the enervatin ...

12th October 2017 By Conor James McKinney

What are the terms of the immigration “amnesty” for survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster?

The Home Office has revised its policy on the immigration “amnesty” for survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire. In short, the government was offering a grant (or extension) of 12 months leave to enter or remain, with access to public funds include ...

11th October 2017 By Colin Yeo
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