New immigration rules for visitors to the United Kingdom

V for Vendetta

A new set of rules for visitors to the United Kingdom has been introduced to take effect on all applications made on or after 24 April 2015. The changes are brought about by Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules HC 1025. The changes were billed in advance as a simplification of the old rules. Closer inspection reveals a reduction in the number of categories of visitor but a great deal of added complexity to the way the rules are drafted and a new set of sub-appendices to the appendices. … Read More >>

Operation Nexus for dummies: happening now, in our time

Image credit: Financial Times

Two men are suspected of robbing a bank. Let’s call them Ken, a British national, and Boris, a non-British national. Boris arrived in the UK from somewhere in the Caucasus when he was 3, about 27 years ago. He holds Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK but, being a bit scatty, never applied for … Read More >>

New paywall on Free Movement

brick wall pay wall

From today a 'leaky paywall' has been installed on Free Movement. Guest users can view 20 blog posts per month, after which they will find they are unable to access blog content. Inspired by the Points Based System, there are now two tiers of membership: Tier 1 allows full access to all Free … Read More >>