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Statement of changes to the Immigration Rules HC 2631: changes to work visa routes

A new statement of changes to the Immigration Rules was published yesterday, 9 September 2019. This post will cover changes to work and student visa routes, while a separate post deals with changes to the EU Settlement Scheme and other changes br ...

10th September 2019 By

Welcome and unwelcome rule changes made to EU Settlement Scheme: analysis

Yesterday afternoon the government dropped statement of changes to the Immigration Rules HC 2631. This is a formal change to the Immigration Rules and there is a lot to it: the full version weighs in at 102 pages. We’ll deal with other changes in a ...

10th September 2019 By

Free movement rules to continue after no deal Brexit

The Johnson ‘government’ has reaffirmed that free movement rules will continue if the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 31 October. A new voluntary (Ed. – !?!) immigration scheme will be introduced called the European Temporary Leav ...

9th September 2019 By

Frontier workers left in Brexit limbo

When the word ‘chaotic’ no longer seems to adequately describe a situation you know things are getting bad.  The government’s announcement and subsequent hasty retraction of its intention to end free movement on 1 November 2019 has served o ...

6th September 2019 By

MAC instructed to ponder points based immigration system

The long suffering Migration Advisory Committee, or ‘MAC’ to its friends, has been commissioned to carry out yet another review. Back in June 2019 the MAC were asked by one Home Secretary to think again about salary thresholds for skilled ...

5th September 2019 By

Job ad: Solicitor / Caseworker / Barrister, Migrants’ Law Project at Islington Law Centre

Migrants’ Law ProjectSolicitor/Caseworker/Barrister Salary Band £34,986 – £38,404A salary of £44,373 may be considered for those at Supervisor level with high levels of experience and expertise Annual leave: 25 days per annum plus bank holiday ...

4th September 2019 By

Briefing: Hong Kong and British National (Overseas) Status

As fears of Chinese retaliation against the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong grow, so does public scrutiny of the nationality status of citizens of the former colony: British National (Overseas) status, commonly abbreviated to ‘BNO’.  In t ...

4th September 2019 By

Guide: How to apply for “settled status” for EU citizens

Settled status is the immigration status that EU citizens need to apply for to remain legally resident in the UK after Brexit. The deadline for applying is 31 December 2020 if the United Kingdom leaves the EU with no deal and 30 June 2021 if there is ...

4th September 2019 By

Briefing: How expensive are UK immigration applications and is this a problem?

The cost of making an immigration or nationality application has risen extremely steeply in recent years. Annual increases of 20% or 25% per year became standard for several years, bringing the current cost of an application for indefinite leave to re ...

3rd September 2019 By

Government rows back on bonkers plan to end free movement on 31 October

The Government yesterday rowed back on the bonkers idea floated by Home Secretary Priti Patel two weeks ago to end free movement of EU citizens into the UK on 31 October 2019. Apart from the obvious problem of having to invent and implement a new immi ...

2nd September 2019 By

How to apply for immigration bail directly to the Home Office

People in immigration detention can make an application for Secretary of State bail directly to the Home Office. The Home Office has the same powers as the immigration tribunal to grant bail and manage its conditions. Is it worth applying? An applicat ...

2nd September 2019 By

Is it legal to end EU free movement without a new Immigration Act?

The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, said last week that free movement for EU nationals will end on 31 October 2019 unless there is a Brexit deal. Media reports indicate that she intends to repeal EU free movement law from day one of a no-deal Brexit, rep ...

29th August 2019 By
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