Proving paternity in British nationality law: rule change on effect of birth certificates

Baby father family

Being named as father on birth certificate will in future no longer be sufficient to prove paternity in British nationality law. The change is introduced by the British Nationality (Proof of Paternity) (Amendment) Regulations 2015 which amend the British Nationality (Proof of Paternity) Regulations 2006. The changes only take effect for birth certificates issued after 10 September 2015. The change does not affect children or fathers where the birth certificate was issued before 10 September … Read More >>

Germany suspends Dublin III transfers for Syrians


Germany has taken the extremely welcome step of suspending the transfer of Syrian asylum seekers under the Dublin III Regulation. As long ago as November 2013 UNHCR called for countries not to return Syrian nationals to their first point of entry in the EU. As the war has worsened and more people … Read More >>