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New Settled Status Handbook launched

Supreme Court finds UK breached residence rights of hundreds of thousands of EU citizens

The Supreme Court has today dismissed the Home Office appeal in the case of Gubeladze [2019] UKSC 31. The judgment affects hundreds of thousands of EU citizens from the so-called Accession Eight (or “A8”) countries that joined the EU in ...

19th June 2019 By

Why can’t politicians get over the idea of an Australian-style immigration system?

Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have all, at various times, declared that an “Australian-style points based system” is the solution to cutting net migration to the UK. For politicians with an agenda to push and a vote to win, talking ...

19th June 2019 By

Refugee Week: asylum in the UK, by numbers

This week is Refugee Week. From 17-23 June 2019, the UK celebrates the contribution of refugees to the UK and promotes better understanding of why people seek sanctuary. Our small contribution to that aim is above. The infographic draws on government ...

18th June 2019 By

Home Office tries to tackle eGates problem that makes short-term study illegal

Since 20 May 2019, people from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the USA have been able to enter the UK using ePassport gates (‘eGates’). British and EU citizens have been able to use eGates since 2008. The ...

18th June 2019 By

What is the legal definition of a “refugee”?

This week is Refugee Week. On Free Movement we try to communicate complex legal issues in immigration and asylum law in a clear way and here we answer the question “what is a refugee?” We’ll have a load of other refugee related conte ...

17th June 2019 By

A concrete example of how to meet the “very compelling circumstances” deportation test

The Court of Appeal has upheld the appeal against deportation of a man sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, in the process providing a good example of the kind of human rights arguments that will sway judges in this notoriously difficult area ...

17th June 2019 By

May 2019 immigration update podcast

Welcome to the May 2019 edition of the Free Movement immigration update podcast. This was a mercifully quiet month in immigration law, for a change, but there’s still a few decisions from the Court of Appeal to be aware of — particularly o ...

14th June 2019 By

Blood feuds: what happens when the Home Office shares information with the Albanian authorities?

AL (Albania) [2019] EWCA Civ 950 is a new Court of Appeal judgment which says some important things about the approach a tribunal judge should take to factual findings made by another tribunal judge in a related appeal. In this case, AL’s elder brot ...

13th June 2019 By

Tribunal says no to return of fast track asylum appeals

Tribunal bosses have put their foot down on fast track asylum appeals, refusing the government’s push for an accelerated process for appellants in immigration detention. The Tribunal Procedure Committee said that it would not be re-introducing a ...

12th June 2019 By

Helpful case on when failure to claim asylum in a safe country damages credibility

Immigration judges must assess whether an asylum seeker had a reasonable opportunity to claim asylum in a safe third country before holding that a failure to do so should damage their credibility, the Court of Appeal has ruled. KA (Afghanistan) v Secr ...

12th June 2019 By

Law Commission proposals could transform international surrogacy

The Law Commission has proposed a new surrogacy pathway, replacing the “outdated” existing laws about having a child on behalf of somebody else. The key provisions of the current legislation have remained relatively constant for almost thirty year ...

11th June 2019 By

The EU-Turkey refugee deal: a Greek myth

It was hailed as an emergency solution to the refugee crisis but figures reveal that only 36 Syrians had been removed from Greece under the “EU-Turkey statement” by the end of 2018, write Taimour Lay and Theodoris Zeis. It is over three years sinc ...

7th June 2019 By
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