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Asylum camp staff were working illegally, inspectors say

It’s not the most damning part of yesterday’s inspection report on the asylum seeker camp at Napier barracks, but it’s certainly the most ironic. Some of the staff charged with running the camp were themselves migrants working in br ...

23rd July 2021 By

How the NHS charging system is failing survivors of domestic abuse 

Regulation 9 of The National Health Service (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations 2015 provides that the NHS in England cannot charge overseas visitors for treating a condition caused by torture, female genital mutilation, domestic violence or se ...

23rd July 2021 By

Judicial Review Bill to abolish most Cart cases

The Judicial Review and Courts Bill 2021, published yesterday, will mostly abolish the right of migrants to apply to the High Court to have an appeal reopened if rejected by both chambers of the immigration tribunal. This is the process known to lawye ...

22nd July 2021 By

Home Office refuses to explain secret sham marriage algorithm

The Home Office has rebuffed Public Law Project’s (PLP) latest attempt to find out more about the secret algorithmic criteria used to decide whether a proposed marriage should be investigated as a “sham”.  Sham marriage investigatio ...

21st July 2021 By

Visit visas can count towards ten years’ long residence

When it rains, it pours, and it has been pouring ten-year long residence cases. Here’s what we learned in just the last year: The difference between “book-ended” and “open-ended” overstaying (and that “book-ended ...

21st July 2021 By

The displaced talent visa: helping refugees apply for UK work permits

I am announcing that those displaced by conflict and violence will now also be able to benefit from access to our global points-based immigration system. To enable skilled displaced people who have had to flee their homes to come to the UK safely and ...

20th July 2021 By

Briefing: the Nationality and Borders Bill, Part 5

We round off our coverage of the Nationality and Borders Bill, the second reading of which continues today, with Part 5. This consists of eight “miscellaneous” clauses. Four of them are what the House of Commons Library describes as “placeholder ...

20th July 2021 By

Home Office can revoke settlement over historical deception

In another reminder that leave obtained by deception can be revoked, we have the Upper Tribunal decision in R (Matusha) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (revocation of ILR policy) [2021] UKUT 175 (IAC). The case confirms that there “ ...

19th July 2021 By

Briefing: the Nationality and Borders Bill, Part 4 (modern slavery)

Part 4 of the Nationality and Borders Bill addresses modern slavery and human trafficking. The Home Office’s goals for reform in this area are, as ever, focused on criminality. The Home Secretary has promised that the Bill will “break the busi ...

19th July 2021 By

Supreme Court dismisses deportation appeal of man living in UK since he was 9

In Sanambar v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2021] UKSC 2 the Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal against deportation of an Iranian citizen who arrived in the United Kingdom aged nine in 2005. He had committed several knifepoint robber ...

16th July 2021 By

Job ad: immigration advice manager and senior immigration adviser, Settled

Settled has vacancies for 2 immigration advisers interested in setting up new services for EU citizens in Scotland and North West England.  The deadline for applications to the EU Settlement Scheme has just passed — now the real work begins ...

16th July 2021 By

Denying benefits to EU pre-settled status holders justified if no fundamental rights breached

The Court of Justice of the European Union has held that refusing Universal Credit to EU citizens with pre-settled status is justified so long as there is no risk of breaching fundamental rights under the EU Charter. The case is C-709/20 CG v Departme ...

16th July 2021 By
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