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Javid sounds tough note on citizenship in party conference speech

Sajid Javid delivered a speech today at the Conservative party conference that is likely to generate headlines for what he had to say on immigration, integration and citizenship. Upon closer inspection, there is less substance to these pronouncements ...

2nd October 2018 By

Court of Justice finds Surinder Singh applies to extended family members

The unmarried partner of a British citizen who returns to the UK having resided in another EU country does have rights under EU law, the Court of Justice of the European Union has today held in the case of C‑89/17 Banger v UK. The court also finds ...

12th July 2018 By

Comment: What is driving the Home Office fees increase?

When asked why the fees for visa applications are so expensive, the Home Office traditionally responds that the immigration system should be “funded by those who benefit from it”, in order to reduce taxpayer expense. This is a convenient p ...

2nd July 2018 By

Home Office fails to carry out nearly half the immigration inspector’s recommendations

Almost half the recommendations made by the independent immigration inspector over the last three years have not been followed by the Home Office, the inspector’s annual report shows. David Bolt’s survey of the 2017/18 financial year says ...

14th June 2018 By

Tax discrepancies and paragraph 322(5) refusals: what are they and how to challenge them

Back in January, we wrote about the case of Dr Syed Kazmi, a foreign doctor due to be removed from the UK because of a “HMRC tax issue” disqualifying him from settlement. Since then, many more refusals of settlement applications by highly ...

30th May 2018 By

Data Protection Bill threatens rights to access information held by Home Office

An individual’s right to access information held about them under the Data Protection Act 1998 is arguably one of the greatest legacies of the New Labour government. In immigration law, where complexity abounds and cases often roll on for years thro ...

9th May 2018 By

Is the tide turning on media coverage of migrants?

Yesterday afternoon, the Home Affairs committee of MPs had before it a selection of the nation’s newspaper editors. The subject of questioning: “whether there is an issue with treatment of minority groups in the print media”. Anyone ...

25th April 2018 By

Malik Law Chambers solicitors shut down by regulator

A high-profile firm of immigration solicitors has been shut down by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). The regulator announced the closure on 18 April of Malik Law Chambers, which has two offices in London and one in Birmingham. Giving re ...

19th April 2018 By

Why the Home Office banned three far-right activists from the UK

Three far-right celebrities have been denied entry to the UK in the past week under the Home Secretary’s power to exclude people when it is conducive to the public good. But what is the law about refusing to let people come into the country and ...

14th March 2018 By

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