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Doctors Ditched by Home Office

Doctors Ditched by Home Office

A doctor ‘is no longer considered an acceptable professional person’ by the Home Office. The quotation is taken directly from an email from a policy adviser in the UKBA Nationality Group.

Doctors were quietly dropped from mention in the application form for British citizenship and removed from the UKBA list of acceptable professional persons at Annex A to Chapter 6 of the Nationality Instructions.

I know the Home Office has little time for medical experts and does everything it can to impugn the reputation of any doctor who writes reports in the immigration tribunal but, really, this seems a little much! I cannot help noting that doctors are nevertheless considered suitably responsible to diagnose illness and disease, administer drugs and prescribe treatment, generally to make life and death decisions and, apparently, to administer the entire NHS budget, if Government plans become reality.

Civil servants are still on the list, I see. As are dentists. And nurses. And opticians. Bizarrely, Members of Parliament have been left on the list, though, which is surely some sort of mistake.

One has to wonder why UKBA has taken this step and whether the General Medical Council was consulted about its professional downgrading.

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