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New course on problem issues in permanent residence applications available now
Free ebook application guides for EU citizens: updated

Free ebook application guides for EU citizens: updated

With thanks to Unbound Philanthropy for the funding, I have been able to put together a series of ebook guides aimed at EU and EEA nationals wanting to apply for residence documents here in the UK. They are updated and expanded versions of my existing ebook on EU applications, and I have separated them out into different guides to try and keep the length and complexity to a minimum.

These self help guides are now up to date as 24 February 2017.

Please distribute these as widely as possible – they are intended to help as many people as possible. Each is available as a pdf for general access and as an epub version for looking at on a phone or tablet.

Application guide series:

Guide for workers. Also available in epub format
Guide for self employed. Also available in epub format.
Guide for self sufficiency. Also available in epub format.
Guide for students. Also available in epub format.

To download the epub format files, click the word “epub” under the relevant guide. Epub format works well on iPads and iPhones.

I am grateful to Charlotte Peel of JCWI for her help with proofreading. The remaining mistakes are mine! I am also grateful to old friend Justin Still for the cover designs.

Colin Yeo
A barrister specialising in UK immigration law at Garden Court Chambers in London, I have been practising in immigration law for 15 years. I am passionate about immigration law and founded and edit the Free Movement immigration law blog.

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