Asylum myths

There are lots of myths out there about asylum and refugees. Here are some of our posts dealing with common misconceptions.

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UK asylum policy posts

Collection of our posts on UK asylum and refugee policy

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Refugee law starter pack

Just getting started on refugee law and issues? Here are some of our explainer blog posts.

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Upper Tribunal publishes new Afghanistan country guidance

The Upper Tribunal has in AS (Safety of Kabul) Afghanistan CG [2018] UKUT 118 (IAC) given new country guidance in cases concerning removal to Kabul. The new guidance covers two main areas of concern. The first is the risk, on return to Kabul, from the ...

18th April 2018 By

Home Office can only grant asylum to claimants in the UK, says Court of Appeal

The case of AB, R (On the Application Of) v The Secretary of State for the Home Department [2018] EWCA Civ 383 has unusual facts, but an unsurprising conclusion: the Home Office cannot grant asylum to someone who is not in the UK. The background is n ...

9th March 2018 By

Appeal judges take firm line on settlement for people committing crimes against humanity

The Court of Appeal in Tanvir Babar v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2018] EWCA Civ 329 dealt with the application of Immigration Rule 276B. The court highlighted the tensions between the Home Office policy, the application of the Immigra ...

7th March 2018 By

Guest post: how we got an asylum seeker £15,500 damages for misuse of his asylum information

Asylum seekers routinely share their most sensitive information with the Home Office in order to support their asylum claims, write Daniel Carey and Zac Sammour. They do so in good faith, trusting that the Home Office will treat that information wi ...

16th February 2018 By

Refugees with criminal records are being told it’s safe to go home

Countries are being declared safe for refugees to return to, but only if they have criminal records, a new report by the government’s immigration inspector suggests. The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, David Bolt, found t ...

31st January 2018 By

Fundamental problems with asylum country of origin information, Chief Inspector Bolt finds

The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration has urged the Home Office to fundamentally overhaul the country of origin information it gives to officials making asylum decisions. David Bolt’s latest report, published today, says tha ...

30th January 2018 By