Asylum myths

There are lots of myths out there about asylum and refugees. Here are some of our posts dealing with common misconceptions.

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UK asylum policy posts

Collection of our posts on UK asylum and refugee policy

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Refugee law starter pack

Just getting started on refugee law and issues? Here are some of our explainer blog posts.

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What does the new UK-France Sandhurst Treaty say and is it Brexit proof?

The UK and France have agreed a new Sandhurst Treaty on the management of their shared border. We’ve heard the spin from Macron and May, but what has actually been agreed and will it have a life after Brexit? Given how central the issue of asylu ...

19th January 2018 By

Guest post: asylum support rise of 11p a day is a slap in the face

Asylum support must provide a safe place to live and enough money for people to look after themselves and their families. An extra 80p a week doesn’t cut it, writes Hannah Cooper, senior research and policy officer at Refugee Action. People see ...

19th January 2018 By

Internal relocation may not be “unduly harsh” on criminals

Last month the Court of Appeal considered the rules governing deportation of foreign criminals. The case is Secretary of State for the Home Department v SC (Jamaica) [2017] EWCA Civ 2112, which concerned a Jamaican national originally granted asylum ...

9th January 2018 By

Guest post: sexual orientation asylum statistics are good news

Recent statistics on asylum grants to gay people represent a breakthrough rather than a breakdown in the system – acting as a sword, rather than shield, in advancing protection of queer refugees, argues S Chelvan of No5 Barristers Chambers. Long ...

4th January 2018 By

The impact of Brexit on UK asylum law: part three

The refugee definition Engagement of the CJEU with asylum issues Since the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union was expanded to include asylum matters, we have a fairly steady rise in the number of judgments on these issues. Most ...

29th December 2017 By

The impact of Brexit on UK asylum law: part two

Selective participation in CEAS Participation in the Common European Asylum System is not necessarily “all or nothing”, nor does it absolutely require membership of the EU. Even within the EU, involvement in CEAS is also selective in some cases. H ...

28th December 2017 By