The public interest in deporting criminals: a triple threat

The Court of Appeal in DW (Jamaica) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2018] EWCA Civ 797 has stepped in to overturn the First-tier Tribunal’s decision to block the deportation of an individual on the basis of his family life. Factual ba ...

3rd May 2018 By

Court of Appeal to Home Office: go away

When feeding my son, I sometimes have to heap the spoon up with something he likes to eat, to disguise something he does not. This is what the Home Office did when applying for permission to appeal in Secretary of State for the Home Department v Barry ...

23rd April 2018 By

No permanent residence, no enhanced protection from deportation

Six months after the release of the Advocate General’s non-binding Opinion in the joined cases of C-316/16 B v Land Baden-Württemberg and C-424/16 Secretary of State for the Home Department v Franco Vomero, the Court of Justice of the Euro ...

17th April 2018 By

Court of Appeal upholds deportation of foreign criminal (again)

In the wide-ranging and somewhat sorry case of El Gazzaz v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2018] EWCA Civ 532 the Court of Appeal has confirmed the strength of the presumption in favour of deporting foreign criminals. Criminal convictions ...

12th April 2018 By

Déjà vu as Strasbourg approves deportation of Nigerian drug trafficker

The judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in Ejimson v Germany (application no. 58681/12) has a whiff of Groundhog Day. For the second time in just over six months the court found that a Nigerian national convicted of drug-related crimes co ...

3rd April 2018 By

Court of Appeal gives authoritative guidance on Article 3 medical cases

The Court of Appeal last week issued “authoritative guidance” on Article 3 medical challenges against removal, reflecting the European Court of Human Rights’s decision in Paposhvili v Belgium. Lord Justice Sales, giving the court ...

5th February 2018 By

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