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Bail accommodation system ruled “systemically unfair”

The Immigration Act 2016 brought about extensive changes to the support available to people on immigration bail. Since those changes came into force in January 2018, tens of thousands of people have struggled against the harsh new system, which has ke ...

1st September 2020 By

Challenge to Brook House detention conditions rebuffed by High Court

The High Court has refused a challenge to the conditions at Brook House Immigration Removal Centre in 2017 on all grounds. This is despite the Home Office having made a number of changes to the regime provided by G4S since then in response to criticis ...

25th August 2020 By

What is the Adults at Risk policy?

After the Hardial Singh principles, the Adults at Risk policy is the most important source of law for securing the release of people from immigration detention. It provides a detailed framework for assessing the vulnerability of detainees and balancin ...

5th August 2020 By

Rule 35 isn’t working – and there’s data to prove it

Data about the operation of Rule 35 of the Detention Centre Rules brought into the public domain by a Freedom of Information request lays bare the inadequacies of the current system for reporting vulnerabilities among immigration detainees. The data, ...

21st July 2020 By

Immigration bail legislation means what it says, High Court confirms

In Kaitey v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2020] EWHC 1861 (Admin), the High Court has confirmed that the power to set immigration bail conditions exists even when a person cannot be lawfully detained in compliance with the Hardial Singh ...

16th July 2020 By

What are the Hardial Singh principles?

This post explains the Hardial Singh principles, which are the most important limitation on the Home Office’s immigration detention powers. The Hardial Singh principles take their name from the case of R (Singh) v Governor of Durham Prison [1983] E ...

9th July 2020 By