Immigration application checking service

Need your immigration application checking by an experienced, expert lawyer before you send it off? Worried about your chances of refusal or whether you have included all the right documents? Try our immigration application checking service and we can give you high quality, actionable feedback, or just peace of mind that you have done everything possible to make the best application you can.

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  • No delayed applications
  • No confusing responses
  • Mistakes spotted before it’s too late
  • Personalised feedback in plain english

Traffic Lights

We use a “traffic lights” report card to give you feedback. We will point out:

  • any missing documents or evidence
  • any information missing from the form
  • any potential reasons for refusal

And we will do our best to tell you how to put it right or address the issue.

How much does it cost?

Only £249.99

Our fixed price service costs a fraction of the price of paying for full preparation service from other solicitors, with a turn around time of only 3 working days and a guarantee that your application will be reviewed by a genuine expert.

How it works

Fixed Price

You know the price before you commit: £249.99

Rapid Response

Our turn-around time is 3 working days or sooner.

Expert Lawyers

Our experienced team are genuine experts.

Choose from the 3 different types of application below

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Permanent Residence


Applying for permanent residence is something you can do yourself but if you want the peace of mind of having it checked before sending or you are worried you might have forgotten or misunderstood something, our service is for you.

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British Citizen Naturalisation


Naturalising as a British citizen is a big step and you want to make sure you get it right. We can check over your application for any issues, make sure you haven’t forgotten anything and check that you have understood the qualifying criteria.

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Visit Visa


Preparing a visit visa application is something you can do yourself. If you are worried about a refusal, there is something you aren’t sure about or have already previously been refused and want a new application checking then our service is for you.

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