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Legacy update

Legacy update

I’m back, after a prolonged absence and thoughts of ending it all etc etc. The blog, not me. I’m fine, thank you.

The news is that of the 6000 or so (roughly 6,800, apparently) families who were the first to receive Legacy questionnaires, most of them will be getting status and that the paperwork should be coming through early this month, in March. The powers-that-be have been telling NGOs and community groups via various stakeholder groups and the like (always makes me think of Buffy et al) that local authorities complained pretty damn quick when the first tranchStake holdere of status papers came through some months ago, which led the Home Office — ever conscious of the needs, wishes and feelings of immigrants and asylum seekers — to delay the whole caboodle. Local authorities were moaning because the recipients of status get kicked off Home Office support and become eligible for local authority support.

Being as most of the families would already have been on local authority support because they pretty much by definition included children, it sounds like a rubbish excuse to me. Hopefully we’ll see some action, now, though.

The delay only affected the first 6000 or so families, the ‘backlog clearance exercise’ has been ongoing for others, and I don’t have any news on the numbers granted status.

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