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Litigation, the law and UKBA

Litigation, the law and UKBA

I gave a short presentation this morning to John Vine, the Chief Inspector of UKBA. I thought I’d share it with you. It lacks a certain something without my narration, I feel, but it at least gives you the gist. The presentation was based on ILPA submissions to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights and on materials I’ve highlighted at various times on this blog, including adjournment figures, official appeal outcome statistics and the outcomes of various prominent cases.

I assume he gets plenty of presentations from UKBA on how great their change management programme is, etc, so this may provide a little balance.

The message of the presentation is that UKBA demonstrably make bad laws, make bad decisions, litigate badly, lose badly and never learn any lessons from their experiences. I ended by speculating on the reasons. Incompetence does not seem to offer sufficient explanation for the whole abysmal mess.

I also picked up some hard copies of a number of OCIUKBA reports while I was over at their offices. I’ve gotten behind on my reading so this is very helpful. The Abu Dhabi one is shocking, even for a seasoned immigration lawyer like me. More to follow on that in due course.

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