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London Immigration Advice Mapping project launches today – can you help?
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London Immigration Advice Mapping project launches today – can you help?

A new survey of immigration advice in London is launching today, 2 November 2020, looking for data on demand and supply for advice at all levels.

The London Immigration Advice Mapping project is researching immigration advice in the capital, commissioned by Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Justice Together Initiative. The Initiative is a collaboration between major funding organisations to increase the availability of immigration advice. This mapping research will inform their funding strategy for London.

We’re keen to hear from as many organisations as possible, from OISC levels 1-3 as well as legal aid contract holders, about the number and type of cases they do (or don’t do) and the number of people who are turned away, for whatever reason. We also want to understand the referral routes, practice networks and the triggers for people seeking advice. A separate survey will ask London MPs about the immigration advice needs they encounter in constituency surgeries. We’re also interested in the views of community groups which try to help people access advice but don’t give immigration advice themselves.

The survey is set up so that you don’t have to answer every question, so please feel free to scroll through and skip some if you haven’t got time for all of them. Any data or information you can give us is useful. If you prefer talking to a human instead of filling in a survey, there’s an option to just put in contact details and we can set up an interview. 

A committed peace, environmental and social justice activist turned barrister, Jo now specialises in immigration, asylum, unlawful detention and human rights with particular interests in public law and mental health. She is also currently a research fellow at the University of Brighton working on a project on the best interests of children seeking asylum.

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