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Questions to a bisexual asylum seeker in detention

Questions to a bisexual asylum seeker in detention

The following questions are transcribed from the interviewer’s written record of an interview with a detained asylum seeker who stated he was bisexual. The interview took place in October 2013, beginning at 10.25am and ending at 4pm. There was a one hour break for lunch. No lawyer was present at any point.

Not all of the questions asked are included below. There were over 220 questions in total.

Can you explain to me in detail what you mean by bisexual?

Can you explain to me what you mean by man to man?

Please explain?

What do you mean by “something”?

What does that mean to you?

How many boyfriends did you have in [country]?

What was the name of your friend?

What is his date of birth?

Do you know his date of birth?

How did you meet him?

Does he have any brothers or sisters?

What is her name?

How old were you when you discovered you had an attraction for boys?

What about before you were 18?


Can you explain how you realised your sexuality?

What happened?

Tell me what you did?

What did you do with x?

Did you do anything other than kissing x?

What did you do?

Where did this happen?

How often did you have intercourse together?

Is that every day?

Did you put your penis into x’s backside?

When x was penetrating you did you have an erection?

Did you ejaculate?

Did x ejaculate inside you?

Why did you use a condom?

How did you feel when having sex?

Did you have feelings for other boys?

Did you have physical relationships with other boys in [city]?

Did you love x?

When was his birthday?

Did you buy him presents?

Did he buy you presents?

How could you afford to buy him presents if you were studying?

In [city] did you have sex with other men?

What do you find attractive about men?

Tell me what you like about men that turns you on?

What is it about the way men walk that turns you on?

What is it about men’s backsides that attracts you?

How did you get found out?

In [country] how many relationships have you had with women?

How did you meet y?

What did you find attractive about y?

On the night you met her what attracted you to her?

Did you have a sexual relationship with her?

How often did you see y?

How were your feelings for her different to x?

Were you and x lovers at this time?

Did you tell x about your affair with y?


What was x’s response when you told him about y?

Did you tell y about x as well?

Why not?

What do you like about women?

How do you show your sexuality when you are in the UK?

How does that display you are bisexual?

Where do you go when going out?

Which pub do you go to?

What is your religion?

What does the church say about homosexuality?

What is your view of same sex marriages?

What do you think of men marrying men?

Why do you think it is a good thing?

Would you marry a man?

Why have you got to behave as a bisexual in [country]?

That was with x only and he initiated the contact you claim. Why can’t you return and live a full life there?

The interview ultimately tells us a lot more about the interviewer and the UK asylum process than the interviewee. And what we find out is… unpleasant.

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