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Spoons backs citizens’ rights

Spoons backs citizens’ rights

It’s beer o’clock, and if you’re in a JD Wetherspoon establishment this evening you may see a beer mat with this intoxicating sentiment:

The UK should unilaterally and immediately grant full rights of citizenship to legal EU immigrants.

The company says that it has distributed 500,000 beer mats containing its “Wetherspoon manifesto” for Brexit.

There are enough countervailing considerations to pull us up short of endorsing ‘Spoons as Free Movement’s boozer of choice. It seems to be trying to hedge its bets with that “legal” caveat. The rest of the manifesto is, according to Channel 4’s Fact Check service, pretty contentious. And of course Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin has been a vocal – and rather obnoxious – supporter of Brexit from the get-go. Our editor’s view of the company is, I am afraid, unprintable.

Still, we’ll take all the help we can get. Cheers!

Conor James McKinney

CJ is Free Movement’s deputy editor. He tweets as @mckinneytweets.

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