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Comment: asylum support rise of 11p a day is a slap in the face

Asylum support must provide a safe place to live and enough money for people to look after themselves and their families. An extra 80p a week doesn’t cut it,¬†writes Hannah Cooper, senior research and policy officer at Refugee Action. People see ...

19th January 2018 By

Barriers to migrants accessing public services

Newcomers to the UK, whether they have immigration status or not, face formidable obstacles in accessing services such as housing or social security. This is a look at some common scenarios and how foreign nationals and their advisers deal with them. ...

30th October 2017 By

New Refugee Action report slams inadequate, creaking asylum support system

After more than a decade since Limbuela, and three years after Refugee Action, Home Office policy continues to drive asylum seekers into destitution. The Refugee Action report, Slipping Through the Cracks, candidly outlines these failings of the asylu ...

12th July 2017 By