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Comment: Home Secretary’s DNA testing apology is meaningless if he can’t get his department under control

The Home Secretary has published the results of a review into DNA testing at the Home Office, apologising to migrants who were told that genetic testing was compulsory for certain family visas. Sajid Javid also announced a potentially wide-ranging rev ...

26th October 2018 By

Comment: the Home Office must adopt a principled approach to DNA testing

In 1985, immigration solicitor Sheona York read an article in the Guardian about a new technology for proving someone’s identity. She called the inventor, Professor Alec Jeffreys, at the University of Leicester to see whether this “DNA tes ...

3rd September 2018 By

Approach of Home Office to nationality case “astonishing and grotesque” rules High Court

My colleague Adrian Berry has done an excellent write up of one of his cases over on his blog that I can heavily recommend as reading: British Citizenship by Descent:Trial and Error. The case is R (Bondada) v Secretary of State for the Home Departme ...

16th October 2015 By

Proving paternity in British nationality law: rule change on effect of birth certificates

Being named as father on birth certificate will in future no longer be sufficient to prove paternity in British nationality law where the parents are unmarried. The change is introduced by the British Nationality (Proof of Paternity) (Amendment) Reg ...

1st September 2015 By

The Human Provenance Project

It sounds like the title of a dystopian science fiction film, and it is every bit as bad as it sounds. The first I heard of it was on 14th September 2009 after this letter was circulated to UKBA stakeholders. I had a little rant about it at the time i ...

2nd October 2009 By

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