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NHS shares patient data of suspected immigration offenders with Home Office

‘Patient confidentiality is one of the most important pillars of medicine’, explains Dr Vivienne Nathanson, previously Head of Science and Ethics at the British Medical Association. Can patient information be shared without consent? The general pr ...

1st February 2017 By

Inspection report on “hostile environment” finds hundreds wrongly denied services

The Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, David Bolt, has published five new inspection reports. The most interesting is on the “hostile environment”, specifically the powers to deny driving licences and bank accounts to migrants unl ...

14th October 2016 By

The ‘Hostile Environment Working Group’

This last weekend saw Sarah Teather reveal the mindset of Government towards migration, explaining her frustration at the lack of alternative voices on migration. I have previously written about the need for responsible journalism, but in hindsight th ...

16th July 2013 By