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Just how exciting is the new Global Business Mobility visa?

The Global Business Mobility visa is set to commence in spring 2022 to provide new solutions for overseas firms transferring staff to the UK. “Immigration routes that may once have worked for business, no longer do; they have not evolved in tandem w ...

25th November 2021 By

The Intra-company Transfer visa could be getting a new lease of life

The Intra-company Transfer (ICT) route has seemed increasingly redundant since the launch of the Points Based Immigration System last year. The Skilled Worker route became simpler and easier to use, while the abolition of the resident labour market te ...

20th October 2021 By

What the new Points Based Immigration System has in store for UK work visas

For work-based immigration, last week’s statement of changes to the Immigration Rules was in many ways rather anticlimactic. The last two years have seen a series of reports and policy statements setting out the government’s plans for a ‘new’ ...

29th October 2020 By

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