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Two Minute Hate: Criminals and Immigrants

Two Minute Hate: Criminals and Immigrants

No responsible politician or political party would have a section of their manifesto for the coming election entitled ‘Crime and Immigration’, thereby lumping the two issues (and sets of people) together in an unholy juxtapositioning that plays right into the hands of the BNP, Migration Watch and their kind.

But that is exactly what Labour have done. They may as well have called it ‘Criminals and Immigrants’. All part of the Two Minute Hate.

On a slightly happier subject, there was an excellent article by Phillip Legrain on Saturday entitled Foreigners have not ‘taken’ new jobs, a response to Daily Mail claims in which he explains (again) that the idea there is a finite number of jobs in the economy is economic nonsense. There was also a good analysis piece by Jamie Doward in The Guardian on the misuse of statistics employed to justify such headlines.

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