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Brexit Q&A podcast: your questions answered

Brexit briefing: Securing EEA Nationals’ Residence Rights

By Matthew Evans, Director, AIRE Centre Introduction The rights of EEA nationals (plus Swiss) to reside in the UK are primarily...

21st February 2017 By ILPA

Brexit briefing: Rights to Remain after Brexit

By Bernard Ryan, Professor of Migration Law, University of Leicester Introduction This paper is concerned with the possibility of a post-Brexit right...

20th February 2017 By ILPA

New policies, processes and forms for EU nationals show hardening Home Office position

A raft of new Home Office policies and forms for EU and EEA nationals was released in early February, along...

10th February 2017 By Colin Yeo

What does the Brexit White Paper say about immigration?

Short version: not a lot we did not know already Long version… Yesterday, the day after MPs began the process...

3rd February 2017 By Colin Yeo

The Surinder Singh immigration route: how does it work? (updated)

This blog post has been updated to address the changes introduced in the Immigration (EEA) Regulations 2016. The ‘Surinder Singh...

31st January 2017 By Colin Yeo

What is the position of EU spouses of British citizens following Brexit?

The result of the Brexit referendum has thrown a harsh light on long standing UK Government positions on the free...

24th January 2017 By Colin Yeo