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Brexit Q&A podcast: your questions answered

Permanent residence saves Polish man with two drug dealing offences from deportation

It is one thing when the state seeks to withdraw a permission or privilege. It is a very different matter when it seeks to interfere with an individual’s rights. Privileges are precarious. In the absence of good reason to the contrary, rights should ...

14th September 2018 By

Brexit no deal: immigration and the status of EU and UK citizens

If negotiations on an orderly withdrawal from the European Union break down completely, the UK risks a “chaotic Brexit” on 29 March 2019, with no overall withdrawal agreement in place nor any smaller deals to mitigate the shock of a no dea ...

7th September 2018 By

The Surinder Singh immigration route: how does it work?

The “Surinder Singh route” has become well known to British citizens seeking to be reunited with their family members. The toughening up of UK immigration rules in July 2012 – particularly the introduction of the minimum income rule with ...

31st August 2018 By

Deal or no deal? What a cliff-edge Brexit would mean for EU citizens

With the Article 50 deadline fast approaching, there has been growing concern that the UK will leave the European Union with “no deal”. If no withdrawal agreement making provision for a transition period is reached by 29 March 2019, the UK will fa ...

30th August 2018 By

Good result on retained residence rights for non-EU spouses who give up work temporarily

The Upper Tribunal has ruled that the term “worker” in the regulations concerning the rights of residence retained by non-EEA nationals if they divorce their EEA spouse includes jobseekers. This means that when someone who has given up work during ...

23rd August 2018 By

Upper Tribunal: EU law no help to dual nationals who have never exercised free movement rights

Kovacevic (British citizen – Art 21 TFEU) Croatia [2018] UKUT 273 (IAC) is about whether EU free movement law protects dual nationals (i.e. someone who is a citizen of the UK and another EU country) who have never exercised their EU free movemen ...

21st August 2018 By

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