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Brexit Q&A podcast: your questions answered

Do the EU Settlement Scheme statistics add up?

The Home Office released a new set of EU Settlement Scheme statistics in early October. While this update again showed a rise in applications to the scheme, it also suggests re-applications to it are counted towards the total. This raises questions ov ...

21st October 2019 By

What legal rights will EU citizens have after a no-deal Brexit?

As the outcome of the latest Brexit negotiations are still uncertain — and with 31 October less than one month away – the latest research update from the Public Law Project (PLP) shows that EU citizens would still lack statutory protection for the ...

8th October 2019 By

CJEU: Child self-sufficient if supported by parent working without work permit

The Court of Justice of the European Union has found that a child is self-sufficient in EU law even if supported only by the earnings of a parent who is working without permission to do so. The case is C‑93/18 Bajratari. The case involved an Albania ...

2nd October 2019 By

Briefing: the status of EU immigration and asylum law after Brexit

As the Brexit crisis trundles on, and we edge closer to the deadline of 31 October 2019, many are trying to pin down what happens to EU immigration and asylum law after the UK leaves the EU (or, to use the Prime Minister’s words, after we puncture & ...

30th September 2019 By

Tribunal finds “centre of life” integration and intention tests irrelevant in Surinder Singh cases

The Upper Tribunal has finally, some six years after the test was introduced into domestic regulations, taken a good, hard look at the “centre of life” test applied by the Home Office to Surinder Singh cases. For background on the Surinder ...

20th September 2019 By

CJEU: expulsion of family members who lose right of residence must still comply with EU law

In the case of C‑94/18 Chenchooliah the Court of Justice of the European Union returns to the contentious issue of the rights of family members of EU citizens. Family members like to have rights, governments like to be able to remove family members ...

19th September 2019 By