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Brexit Q&A podcast: your questions answered

What is the position of EU spouses of British citizens following Brexit?

The 2016 referendum sent shockwaves through the European community in the UK, but now that the dust has settled, the picture is far less alarming than appeared at first. Various groups who seemed particularly vulnerable in the wake of the vote, includ ...

21st May 2019 By

Big Home Office policy change: Zambrano carers need to make a human rights application first

On 2 May 2019, the Home Office published updated guidance on “derivative rights of residence”, which includes the rights of Zambrano carers. Buried in the 63-page document is a fundamental change of policy: potential Zambrano applicants must f ...

15th May 2019 By

Carer for 87-year-old British woman allowed to stay in the UK after Zambrano appeal

An adult primary carer of an British citizen can acquire a derivative right to reside under EU law, the Court of Appeal has said in MS (Malaysia) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2019] EWCA Civ 580. On the facts, it is surprising that the ...

12th April 2019 By

How will Brexit affect Irish citizens in the UK?

The UK government’s policy is that Brexit will not affect Irish citizens at all. Other European citizens have to apply for a new “settled status” or risk losing their right to live and work in the UK after it leaves the European Union. But the g ...

8th April 2019 By

Brexit delayed: what does it mean for lawyers?

The United Kingdom is not now leaving the European Union at 11pm on 29 March 2019. Brexit fans can rest assured that the game is still afoot: it will just take place on 12 April, or 22 May, or some future date giving time for a Norway-style single mar ...

29th March 2019 By

Unrecognised adoptions can attract EU free movement rights

Assiduous Free Movement readers and European law aficionados may remember the case of SM (Algeria) v Entry Clearance Officer [2018] UKSC 9, covered in this previous post. The case has now gone from the Supreme Court to the Court of Justice of the Eur ...

28th March 2019 By