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Brexit Q&A podcast: your questions answered

No right of appeal under EEA Regulations against notice of removal window

Back in July 2015, the Upper Tribunal delivered a puzzling judgment in the case of R (Bilal Ahmed) v SSHD (EEA/s 10 appeal rights: effect (IJR) [2015] UKUT 436 (IAC). The nub of the decision was that where the Secretary of State refuses an application ...

6th April 2018 By

Brexit, one year on

The momentous decision to begin Brexit in March 2017 was announced the previous October, when Theresa May made her first speech as Prime Minister to the Conservative Party conference. For all the impressions of chaos in between — including the s ...

29th March 2018 By

Brexit: settled status and citizens’ rights – what has been agreed?

On 19 March the European Union and the UK published the impressively named Draft Agreement on the Withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community. In other words, ...

26th March 2018 By

Court of Session case on blocking Brexit goes to full hearing

Campaigners seeking to confirm whether the UK’s Article 50 notification triggering Brexit can be unilaterally revoked are one step closer to getting a decision from the Court of Justice of the European Union. Yesterday the Inner House of the Co ...

21st March 2018 By

What does the EU’s draft Brexit agreement say about citizens’ rights?

The European Commission has published a draft legal text for a Brexit “Withdrawal Agreement”. It includes the all-important issue of citizens’ rights for EU nationals already living in the UK or arriving here before Brexit is finalis ...

28th February 2018 By

Just how level do we want the Brexit playing field to be?

Seasoned Brexit watchers will be familiar by now with the trope that there is a “need for a level playing field”. Coined by the EU out of concern that the UK may turn itself into a tax haven, the phrase has now been appropriated by Brexiteers in t ...

21st February 2018 By