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Tribunal decides on Immigration Rules for overseas adoptions, rescues “feral” child

The case of TY (Overseas Adoptions – Certificates of Eligibility) Jamaica [2018] UKUT 197 (IAC) involves the complex interplay between the Immigration Rules and international adoption law. It is a must-read for anyone involved in applications or ...

28th June 2018 By

How to apply for a visa as the parent of a child in the UK

The Immigration Rules permit parents living overseas, who have British or settled children living in the UK, to apply for a visa to come to live with them. In this post we will consider the requirements that a parent applying for a visa in this catego ...

25th June 2018 By

How the Home Office used the NHS to refuse my client a visa

In October 2011 the Home Office amended the Immigration Rules to allow immigration applications to be refused where the NHS had notified the Secretary of State of an outstanding debt of £1,000 or more. In early 2017, this figure was reduced to £500 ...

4th June 2018 By

Satisfying the Immigration Rules enough for Article 8 success

The test for an Article 8 claim to stay in the UK within the Immigration Rules is whether there are “insurmountable obstacles” to continuing family life outside the UK. But even if an applicant does pass this test, there is a further hurdl ...

1st June 2018 By

Comment: waive immigration fees for soldiers from overseas

The ill-treatment of Commonwealth soldiers may no longer make headlines, but scandalously high immigration fees are depriving many of those who have served this country of their right to settle in Britain, writes Vinita Templeton of Duncan Lewis. The ...

18th May 2018 By

Adult dependent relatives: still shut out?

In Ribeli v Entry Clearance Officer, Pretoria [2018] EWCA Civ 611, the Court of Appeal reaffirmed the “rigorous and demanding” nature of the adult dependent relative rules, following the judgment in BRITCITS v The Secretary of State for the Home ...

24th April 2018 By

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