EU citizens and British citizenship

Information for EU citizens considering applying for British citizenship

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Guide to naturalisation as a British citizen

8% of applications for naturalisation as a British citizens are rejected by the Home Office, without the fee being returned. These guides aim to inform people wishing to become British of common pitfalls in the process.

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Good character

Some recent posts addressing good character in citizenship applications

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Fee waiver for children denied British citizenship by discredited paternity law

The Immigration and Nationality (Fees) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2020 (SI 2020 No. 294) come into force on 6 April 2020. They introduce a handful of fee tweaks, with the most significant changes being for children whose natural father is a man o ...

23rd March 2020 By

Can spouses of British citizens naturalise after just three years’ residence in the UK?

For those forced to make successive, increasingly-expensive applications just to remain in the country that they have made their home, naturalising as a British citizen is often the final rung of a very tall ladder. Like all ladders, the key to succes ...

11th February 2020 By

Shamima Begum loses statelessness argument against citizenship deprivation

Shamima Begum is a citizen of Bangladesh and so would not be made stateless by being stripped of her British citizenship, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission has held. The main SIAC judgment is Shamima Begum (Preliminary Issue : Substansive) [2 ...

7th February 2020 By

Can Meghan Markle still get British citizenship if she and Prince Harry move abroad?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, have dominated recent news headlines with their announcement that they intend to “balance” their time between North America and the UK, reducing the time spent on official roy ...

13th January 2020 By

What is so special about being a British citizen, legally?

You would be forgiven for thinking there are some special rights or privileges attached to being a British citizen. Politicians are fond of telling us how great it is to be British and how it is a privilege not a right. Our government charges foreign ...

27th December 2019 By

£1,000 child citizenship fee found unlawful

The High Court has ruled that charging a citizenship fee of over £1,000 to children is unlawful. The decision will be widely welcomed by campaigners who have long argued that the fee charged to register a child as British, which is set far above the ...

19th December 2019 By