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Some recent posts addressing good character in citizenship applications

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EU citizens and British citizenship

Information for EU citizens considering applying for British citizenship

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What happens if you mistakenly apply for British citizenship instead of indefinite leave to remain?

What happens when an American graduate, about to become eligible for indefinite leave to remain having lived lawfully in the UK for almost a decade, incorrectly thinks that he is eligible to apply for British citizenship and applies for that instead? ...

17th August 2018 By

How is the government using its increased powers to strip British people of their citizenship?

Yesterday’s judgment in Aziz & Ors v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2018] EWCA Civ 1884 saw the Court of Appeal uphold the Home Secretary’s decision to use her power to strip members of a notorious Rochdale grooming gang ...

9th August 2018 By

Part of the British Nationality Act 1981 found incompatible with human rights law

It is said to be a wise child who knows his own father. It might be thought, having read the facts of this case, that it is an even wiser child who knows who is deemed to be her father for the purposes of the British Nationality Act 1981… The openin ...

30th July 2018 By

Home Office unlawfully nullifies British citizenship in hundreds of cases

New figures from the Home Office show that hundreds of British citizens have unlawfully had their citizenship nullified since 2013. A Freedom of Information request by the author revealed that there were 262 decisions to nullify British citizenship be ...

18th July 2018 By

Can a British Overseas Citizen be stateless?

In Teh v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2018] EWHC 1586 (Admin) the High Court has found that a British Overseas Citizen (BOC) can be stateless under the Immigration Rules if he or she has no other nationality. This is an interesting and ...

6th July 2018 By

Home Office makes almost £100 million from children registering as British citizens

Home Office profit on the fees charged to children exercising their right to British citizenship comes to nearly £100 million over the past five years, Free Movement analysis has shown. The controversially high fee for the citizenship process known a ...

4th July 2018 By

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